CPA Services

  • Total Access to a CPA
  • Tax Planning
  • Accurate Tax Returns
  • Integration of financials to tax planning & preparation

Accounts Receivable

  • Customized Invoices
  • Connects to other software to import
  • Easy approval process

Accounts Payable

  • One button/Easy Scan
  • Bills processed within one business day
  • Easy approval process


  • Easy 1 Touch scan of your bills
  • Client provided scanners with our services
  • All bills can be set to autopay or can be individually approved per your request.


  • Bank transactions reconciled every day
  • Credit Card transactions reconciled every day
  • Using bank feeds assure accuracy

Financial Reports

  • Access anywhere and anytime to daily upto-date financial reports
  • Easy to read
  • Compare actual to budget numbers


  • You can pick any pay cycle for no extra charge.
  • We pay your payroll taxes and file all payroll reports
  • In compliance at all times


  • A qualified bookkeeper makes about $35,000 or more a year.
  • Benefits are another additional cost.
  • In addition to salary, you would have to pay additional payroll taxes for the employee.
  • Finding a qualified bookkeeper is difficult.
  • Employee turnover and re-training when an employee leaves can be costly and frustrating.
  • You will still need to hire a CPA for taxes and tax planning.
  • You will still need to hire a payroll company.
  • You will need to purchase bookkeeping software.
  • There is no insurance to cover if the bookkeeper doesn’t file notices or taxes properly.

Tiller & Sheets

  • You will not need to pay salary, benefits or payroll taxes. One low monthly fee. This lowers your overall costs for Bookkeeping and CPA services.
  • No employee turnover. You will never have to train another bookkeeper or accountant.
  • We have a CPA and trained Bookkeeper handling your account. We work as a team so that your books are 100% accurate.
  • Access to a CPA at all times for any tax questions that come up.
  • You don’t have to buy anymore accounting software.
  • You get the financial reports that you want and need to manage your company effectively.
  • We carry Errors & Omission Insurance. If we make a mistake, you are covered!.